Weekly Update – Friday 2nd

What’s happened this week?

This week both contractors have again, continued their great progress especially with the Business Units and Hub building both being prepared for the steel works to arrive in the following weeks.

Also the Trails contractor have been working on retaining and adapting various sections of the course, many of which can be seen from the footpath which runs from north to south through the Olympic Venue (marked by black dots on the Trail guide below)

Here is where our Trail Guide is located on the Essex Legacy website, to help you choose a route to take: http://www.essexlegacy.org/hadleigh/trail-network/

So with May being ‘National Walking Month’ you can use this as a reason to get out walking and be physically active whilst watching the course as it develops.

What’s happening next week?

Next week will see much of the same work happening on site and we will be letting you know what’s coming up at the Country Park as well as posting some more photos of the site as it progresses.