Hadleigh Farm – Weekly Update 6th October


What happened last week?

The launch of the Hadleigh Legacy project is fast approaching and Essex County
Council and Active Essex are pleased to announce two exciting opportunities. Firstly
the project will create six redeveloped Business units with the aim to attract local
business and help boost the local economy. Secondarily is the bike shop, which
may also include the opportunity to hire bikes at the former Olympic Mountain Bike
Detailed information about both opportunities can be found on our website here:

What’s happening this week?

The trails contractor Hugh Pearls Ltd is preparing to complete the final stages of their
work. A signage contractor has been appointed and will progress the project to the
next stage towards becoming operational.
The Hub and Business units are rapidly taking shape with the clay tiles installed and
soon the black cladding will be complete allowing the scaffolding to be removed,
revealing a cluster of “Essex Barns”.
Our next drop in session is on the 29th October, 2-7pm at Hadleigh Old Fire Station
and we would be keen to hear your views.