MS&G Round 1 – Race Report – Joe Champness

Morning Race Report

In the shadow of the 2012 Olympic Velodrome and on the site of the old Eastway Cycle Circuit the MSG team put on a great race in difficult conditions, gusty winds causing barriers and course markers (and gazebos) to be blown over throughout the day.

(Gazebo trying to reach the A12)

The cadets marshalling did a great job re-assembling the course; they were also cunningly dressed in camouflage kit and Hi Vis jackets allowing them to disappear and re-appear at will.

(4 Cadets pictured, two in Hi Vis)

The HMTBC had an impressive 30 riders across all classes, with mums, dads, friends and family there was a nice buzz going on at the Hadleigh gazebo and plenty of support for the lads and lasses out racing. Thanks to Gary Crocombe and his team for transporting, erecting and dis- assembling the Hadleigh camp with F1 precision.


As for the racing the course produced good close action with a strong wind meaning that getting on to a good wheel on the straight sections paid dividends. It was a great start to the season from the HMTBC team with 4 podium finishers from the morning races alone.

Hats off to: Sue Wood 2nd in the Veteran Woman Max Rethman 3rd in the Under 12 Boys

Jane Brockman 2nd in the Open Woman Mark Darley 3rd in the Open Men

Other notable performances
from the morning were: Giselle Delvin 5th in the Veteran Woman

Zoe Porter 6th in the Under 9 Girls
Hannah Phillips 7th in the Under 12 Girls
Harrison Darley 6th and Andrei Gare 7th in the Youth Boys.

Thanks to Mitas Tyres, HardnutZ Helmets, the club coaches and all of the other Hadleigh folk behind the scenes who help to get us to the start line.

Look forward to seeing you all at Phoenix Bike Park on the 19th of March for round 2, or the Travers Spring Potash Classic on the 16th of April; get your entries in soon to avoid disappointment for these two races.

Thanks for reading my race report. Joe Champness