MS&G Round 2 – Phoenix Park – Matthew Darley

Sunday 19th March saw round 2 of the Mud Sweat and Gears series at Phoenix Bike Park in Kentford. It was about 6:30 when we was packed and ready for the race ahead. When arriving at the venue I signed on at the MSG tent and got ready for a practice lap. After completing the practise lap came the actual race where on the start line the nerves kicked in. Once the commissaire lined us up and blew the whistle we were off. I found the start a bit challenging getting in position but once I had It was easier from there. The course was brilliant from start to finish consisting of 3 A and B lines which were all easily ridable. Towards the end of each lap I found the grassy/muddy part of the track  quiet challenging where it was quiet bumpy, so you just had to try and keep the momentum going.        

After the 10 am race I stayed for the afternoon races where I helped out bringing bottles and encouraging my other team mates.  

There many great efforts throughout the day including Robert staines ( Junior ) in 3rd, Mark darley ( Open Male ) in 4th, Matt Phillips ( open male ) in 7th, Paul Cavalla ( veteran male ) in 16th, Sue wood ( veteran Female ) in 3rd, Joe champness ( Youth male ) in 8th and Adam Cavalla ( youth male ) in 10th.   

Many thanks to the Marshals who helped that day.

Overall it was a great course and I am looking forward to the next race.

Thank you for reading

Matthew Darley