UCI Junior World Cup – Hadleigh Park – Max Rethman

UCI Junior World Cup – Hadleigh Park – Max Rethman

From high expectations to deep frustration to fighting back – Max Rethman U12

Life lesson – Something to learn and take away for future reference

Racing on home soil is always more special than racing elsewhere, so I entered this race pumped up and ready to give it my all. On the start line I was gridded on the third line, this annoyed me. But I was determined to get to the front. I was so focused that when the whistle went I was up at the front quickly (not my usual start). By the time the start of the uphill on the snake I was fourth, and that is where it all went wrong. My chain jumped off and I had to stop. It was horrible. I could not get the chain back on. No one was allowed to help me because it was a UCI event. Everyone went past me, it was really horrible. And then the girls were started, they all passed me too. I was getting very upset now. I eventually got the chain back on from the advice from my Dad, Mel and Chris. But as I started off the lead rider was already in sight on the start line!!! It was now a battle to get back whatever I could.

The course was good, a little more challenging than the usual MSG under 12 course. Best part was the B Line at Oak Tree Drop with a tight turn at the bottom, and I really liked the uphill climbs. For me now it was all about picking riders off one by one. Nothing too technical as they had under 9’s racing the course. I would have liked the course to be more challenging, but it was what it was. It was hard picking my way past everyone and at one point I wanted to give up but I kept on going for it and managed to get myself back up to ninth.

It was not a good day but then these things happen, so you just have to accept it and move on. What I can take away from this is that I will check my chain in future and not leave everything down to my Dad. My bike has to be properly prepped before every race, by me.