Travers ESES Hadleigh Round Two Race Report – Christine Rethman

Travers ESES Hadleigh Round Two Race Report – Christine Rethman

Well what an event. I must admit, I was a little nervous of racing at Hadleigh as so many features still scare the heebee jebbies out of me. But what a pleasant surprise (except the long grass, that was not a pleasant surprise).

Travers used parts of Hadleigh I had no idea existed!!!! But will do in the future.

So I set off on my practice lap thinking I would not survive it, but not only did I survive it, I flipping enjoyed it!!! “What is happening to me?” I found myself saying as I went around the course. I even enjoyed the snaking up hill, something that has never entered my vocabulary before. Am I becoming a mountain biker?

Best parts of the course for me was the twisty turn around the oak tree and that wonderful swooping downhill into the arena, both technically challenging (well for me anyway).

I set out with a target of doing two laps at least, but as the race went on I found myself wanting to do one more lap, what a surprise. From the girl with no control, no stamina, no anything really, I have now become the girl (or old lady if you listen to my son) wanting to do more and more. I ended up doing six laps. I was personally so happy and felt that I had really achieved something. Will definitely be signing up for all the rest of the races, even on the 23rd which is my 50th Birthday, what a way to spend your 50th, sweating your guts out, but you know, would rather do that then drink myself senseless under the table as I have done in previous years!!!!!!!

My other highlight was racing with my son, something I have never had the pleasure of before. Even though the little tinker lapped me three times, it was great to see him power past me, real proud Mum moment.

Travers Series might not have all the thrills and spills, but I tell you, it is hard and great to push you to the next level.

Christine Rethman