MS&G Round 5 – Phoenix Bike Park – Mason Porter

We started the day with coaching covering jumps and pumping on the pump track at Phoenix bike-works because they don't have cows there.

We had Daddy and Graham coaching us today, Daddy was telling us to start and Graham was at the other end.  Daddy had to keep telling me to ride up higher on the berms to get more speed and because the top is smoother and faster than the gravel down the bottom.

Coaching was a bit shorter today because it was so hot we only did 20 minutes in each coaching are instead of the normal half an hour because it was so hot.

After the coaching we stopped had a drink and something to eat.

I headed over to the main race track on the other side if the road because we race the U12 races on part of the adult course.

I was gridded in the 4th row today and i got a really good start.  The bits of the track that had paths were smooth but the bits on the grass were bumpy but it was still rideable.  I got past a few people today on the straights and i could hear Daddy and Zoe shouting at me as i went passed the car park.  I started to feel my bike feel funny when i was cornering and found my back tyre was flat, i had a puncture 🙁 that meant race over for me. My bike isn't running tubeless, well it wasn't but it will be soon after today.  Although i didn't finish the whole race i was 31st out of 33 which is better than my normal last place.

Overall a hot day and I still love mountain biking.

Mason Porter