MS&G Round 5 – Phoenix Bike Park – Zoe Porter

I started today in the U12s coaching because i didn't want to be in a different group to the one daddy was coaching.  We did manuals, pumping and cornering on berms today.  I really enjoyed it and Daddy told me which bits to try and do and what not to as I was younger than the rest.

In the race I was gridded 8th,  we all started and I started well overtaking a couple of the other girls.  They caught me up on one of the bigger bumps at the start of the pump track we had as part of our track.  We had a head start in front of the boys.  Some of them caught us up though not that it matters because I wasn't racing the boys.  I was a bit slower today on the pump track because I was a bit nervous of my new bike.  On the straight on my second lap I got stuck behind two girls.  I overtook them as soon as I could.

Once the race finished dad was at the end and he poured water n my head over my helmet to cool me off, i was soaked but much cooler.

I finished 8th today, I'm happy with that on my new bike.  Bring on Hintlesham.

Zoe Porter aged 7 and a half.