MS&G Round 6 – Hintlesham – Race report – Alfie Cunniffe

MS&G Round 6 - Hintlesham - Race report - Alfie Cunniffe

Today was the day of MS&G round 6 at Hintlesham. I arrived a bit late but as soon as I got there I was off on my practice lap. The course weren’t very technical but there was one A line that was rather fun as it involved a small drop on a steep downslope. At the end of the course there was a long and painful climb leading up to the finish. I knew the race was going to be tough so my aim was to get as close as I could to my last finish, which was 6th.

15 minutes before the race we went off to the start to get gridded. I was gridded on the last row as I had only raced one MS&G but I was determined to get to the front. Then it was time for the start and as soon as the gun went we were off! We sprinted up the grass climb and I got boxed in by 3 riders for about 10 seconds but after that I got myself into a good position. As the first lap went on me and a fellow teammate, Joe Champness, paired together to go and chase the rest of the pack who were ahead.

We managed to catch up with another teammate, Euan Alexander, and we passed him and rode on. After staying together for most of the race Joe went off at about a third of the way through the last lap and I was left on my own for the rest of the lap. After riding fast to finish the lap I was on to the long and last grass hill to finish the race. I was about halfway through the last bit of the grass climb and hear Paul Cavalla call to me “Watch out he’s catching you” so I look behind and see Euan sprinting towards me so I sped up to the finish and managed to finish 1 second in front of him. Thank you Paul for telling me or he would have beat me! Anyway well done to Euan for catching me up as he made about 40 seconds on the last lap, but also to Joe for the great race between me and him.

Thank you to the HMTBC for the support and also Kevin our team manager. I managed to finish 7th so I am very happy with my result.

Thank you for reading,


Alfie Cunniffe