MS&G Round 6 – Hintlesham – Race report – Mark Darley

MS&G Round 6 – Hintlesham – Race report – Mark Darley

Ok, so lets start by saying that after last year’s mud fest I wasn’t especially looking forward to this round.  Turns out I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Thanks to the team at msg, they pulled it out the bag.  A very fast running course, not technical at all, but a challenging one for the fitness levels.  There was a great turn out from the Hadleigh team at this event, which was really great to see.  We had racers covering most of the days groups.

I started the day being in pole position in the open category. (A position I definitely didn’t expect)  The race started uphill, a change, and one that opened the lungs from the off!!

As I said earlier, this was a fast running course, and I found that you couldn’t let up for one turn of the crank before another racer was breathing down your neck.  After the first lap, I found myself in 5th position, within my own battle for 4th.  The top three had made a gap so I dug down and got on with my race.  As usual there was great support from the crowd and especially from the club members who made the journey.

Kev was always on hand to let me know how my race was going and how far the leader was in front.  Unfortunately, I found I didn’t have the legs to get back a 4th spot, but still really pleased with my 5th position.  There was some great results from the Hadleigh Teams at this event, which they should all be proud of.

This leaves two more races until the end of the season, so its back to the training!!

Thanks to the club sponsors, hopefully some more great results to come

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