2018 MS&G – Rnd 1 – Hadleigh Park

2018 MS&G - Rnd 1 - Hadleigh Park

Round 1 of MS&G was a big and imposing as it was the start of the season.However Hadleigh bike track is home turf and I know it like the back of my hand , the organisers had changed it up and marked an awesome course suitable for anyone to give ago but still technical for riders that fancied the challenge.

The day of the race was extremely cold but after a few laps i was boiling and my Hardnutz helmet let the perfect amount of ventilation through to keep me cool. As the race went on the track became increasingly slippery but I felt confident in allowing my Rubina Mitas tires to dig in and hold me firmly to the track this helped me gain places and finish the race .

Euan Alexander - HMTBC Youth Race Team